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Thai massage in Lima

What is Thai Massage?

Trabajo sobre puntos de energía / Work on energy pointsOn the other side of the globe, behind the walls of Buddhist temples, a system of body therapy based on a millenary wisdom was transmited over the centuries from generation to generation: Thai massage.

In contrast to Swedish massage, known as “classical massage”, Thai massage goes beyond working merely on the phyiscal body and is lead by the way in which energy flows though it.  In this sense, its working is similar to Chinese accupressure.  The results are a profound relaxation and well-being sensation, balance, and overall better health.Estiramiento de pierna / Leg stretch

In the hands of the masseur or masseuse, the body relaxes while receiving pressure work over its energy lines and points, and a large variety of stretchings.  The combination of pressure work with stretchings results in a deep feeling of well-being as well as energization of the entire body.  Thai massage is also known as “passive yoga” or “Thai yoga massage”, on the one hand because it works on the same energy lines as yoga does, and on the other hand, because the kind of positions and movements closely resemble yoga poses.

Eastern traditions consider the human being to be a reflection of the energy in the Universe.  Thus, the philosophy which gave birth to Thai massage explains that our energy must be in balance with that of the Universe, for our body, our emotions and mind to find harmony.

The massage aims to restore this equilibrium to the body, removing blockages and stagnant energy, letting go of superficial as well as deep tension.  When energy runs smoothly, tension, rigidity and chronical pain can be left behind.  Moreover, it frees the body from negative emotions that are frequently stored in it in the form of contractions or pain.

Presión en la espalda en el aire / Flying back pressureIts healing effects make Thai massage a powerful practice in case of specific ailments, especially back, shoulder, neck and knee pain, headaches, menstrual pain and slow digestion.  A specific therapeutic massage is applied in each case, as indicated by tradition.

Today we have brought the massage to Lima and we invite you to undergo the experience of receiving it.  In the tranquility of our flat in Barranco,  an authentic Thai massage is waiting for you.